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Egotism is the anesthetic that dulls the pain of stupidity" - Frank Leahy.

    My mind isn't often changed, but nobody would be correct to say that I’m not open to it. If I see someone living a better life in any aspect, I take notice. I see if there is anything I can learn. We don’t only need to learn from people that have a better life in most ways. It only needs to be one way. Take in the good and discard the bad. There is very little room for ego on the path to success.

    My entire life I’ve looked up to people that had a better life than the average person. Was I jealous? Hell yes I was jealous, but I turned that jealousy into passion and determination. I did not let my ego get in the way, nor did I make excuses about how they got lucky or how they were handed things. I only knew one thing. They had a life that I wanted to surpass. Our egos won’t let us admit when we are envious, not even to ourselves. We can tell ourselves all we want that we aren’t jealous, but that burning and yearning we feel in the pit of our stomach says otherwise.

    There is only one way to rid ourselves from that feeling in the pit of our stomachs. We must throw away our pride. We live in a world of negativity and cynicism. We make excuses for why other people succeed and why we ourselves fail. Sure, there are going to be lucky and unlucky moments. But here is the good news. Our lives aren’t dictated by single moments. It’s dictated by an amazing amount of moments. We must actively do the right thing in MOST of our moments. Who gives a crap about the outliers? I certainly don’t. I give a crap about the billions of every day moments that make a life. It’s called regression to the mean, or law of large numbers. If we judge our life based on four moments and two were unlucky we will think we had an unlucky life, because 50% of the time we got unlucky. But if we judge our life on the millions of moments where we may have not made the correct decisions, only then can we realize that those 2 moments only accounted for a fraction of a single percent. We then can be honest with ourselves about how the biggest reason we don’t have the life we want is because of our many actions, not just the few moments we got unlucky. On the other hand we can admit that other people’s success comes from many moments of hard work and dedication, not just a few moments they got lucky.