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Mark Twain once wrote "Don’t let schooling interfere with education". And Bruce lee once said, "Life itself is your teacher, and you are in a state of constant learning". Good thing life is our teacher, because our actual teachers are bogged down by yellow tape, and the strictest of guidelines making school far inferior to what it should be.

We live in the richest country in the world, yet our children suffer in an educational system more outdated than the musket, while other less wealthy countries have bazookas.

We are treated like cattle, so its no wonder why we end up like cattle. Our teachers have a huge disadvantage, its not even their faults for being so horrendous. Anything unique a teacher wants to bring into the classroom gets stripped away from them. They must teach the curriculum with one goal in mind. Pass standardized tests. Their jobs literally depend on it. So why would they teach what actually matters when it threatens their livelihood.

Class sizes are far too big to treat students like anything but cattle. Line up, get your daily brain washing, come back tomorrow for another. Where was your history book made? Was it made in the north? Then here, read about the civil war and talk about nothing but slavery. Was it made in the deep south? Then read about the civil war and talk little about slavery. Do you live in a state where they have more standardized tests than others? There are so many variables which dictate what is taught in any given school. But no matter what is taught, the most important things are skipped.

K-12 should have many classes that include how to win friends, and influence people. How to make partnerships and find mentors. Readings should be assigned that open up the mind passed algebra and biased history lessons. We take a spelling test every single week, yet read almost no books. The best way to learn how to spell is to read. 2 birds 1 stone. But no, we need to know how to spell "encyclopedia" instead of being able to think critically. Knowing how to find a mentor is not on a standardized test, so everyone goes through life looking up to movie stars and rappers. I could go on for a solid 90 pages about how incredibly asinine music is right now. Back to the point.

I have a brother and a sister 1 year apart. 15 and 16. It's almost easier to talk to a cardboard cutout. Neither can hold a conversation to save their lives. It's just awkward. Simply conversing with people should be taught. Making a good impression, and having a flowing conversation with a possible employer are far more important than knowing the parts of a cell. Yet can the average person speak intelligently, and convincingly in a high pressure environment? Absolutely not. This should be a skill honed by everyone. There is nothing more important to success than being able to speak clearly and lucidly to someone with your future in their hands. I will teach you something right now more important than 90 percent of what you learn in school. The next time you go for an interview, do some research and simply bid the company a unique compliment. For example, let us say the company is over 100 years old. Saying something like "not many companies last a century. It's a testament to how well this company is managed having been around for so long". More often than not the person interviewing you will talk more on that subject, and you instantly made a connection with that person on a level that others just wont. Unless you are in an interview trying to become biologist the information I just gave you in a matter of seconds is infinitely more important than a full year in biology class.

Because of technology, if social skills aren't taught they will deteriorate. They already are. Let me tell you a story about a girl, a normally functioning girl. Let me reiterate, there is nothing mentally wrong with this girl. You will understand why I am clarifying this in a second. When my sister was around 13 years old she threw a party and invited both girls and boys. One of these girls wanted to be cool. So she went to the bathroom and took a crap on the floor next to the toilet. I couldn’t make this up. She came out so proud of what she did, and started bragging about it to everyone. This girl wasn’t considered weird, she wasn’t an outcast, actually she was one of the more popular girls in her grade. And to boost her popularity she took a crap on the floor of my father's bathroom directly next to the toilet she should have aimed for. This is the new normal. Every single year that goes by people are getting more and more socially challenged. The new standard is lower than not purposefully crapping on the floor. Point is most of us are not educated fully. There needs to be a change.